Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Basics Part 2

In this post I going to explain to you how the mana works, to what is used for and why is so important in Magic the Gathering.

Mana is the energy that you use to cast spells, summon creatures and everything else you do in magic.
Because of this mana is the most important thing in this game, you can have very powerful creatures and spells but if you don't have sufficient mana to use them it doesn't help you in nothing.

There are five colors of mana in Magic the Gathering, they are white, blue, black, red and green. Each of them has a certain way of doing things.

White is the color of protection and order, it depends on armies of weaker creatures to get the job done.

Blue is the color of deception and illusion, blue uses the strengths of the enemy against them.

Black is the color of death, the goal is to win at all costs even if it means sacrificing your own creatures.

Red is the color of fury and chaos, just smash the opponent without thinking about how to do it.

Green is the color of nature and life, the bigger the creature the better.

You already know that mana is important and has five different colors but you also need to know how to get it. The most common way of getting mana is with land cards.
Lands are a type of card that creates mana when tapped (taping a card means turning it 90º). There are five basic lands one to each color of mana.

Island produces blue mana, Swamps produces black mana, Mountain produces red mana, Forest produces green mana and Plains produce white mana.
Besides the five basic lands there are lots of different lands that can do more things than just producing one mana.

The Basics Part 1

Before I get more into explaining magic the gathering I want to post some things that I miss when introduction the game.

I started by telling right away how the game started and how it work without first telling the "background". I think this was a mistake because the people that never even heard about mtg will be missing some things.

Because of this I decide to delete the previous post and start from the beginning.

Magic The Gathering is a trading card game. What does this means? It means that is a game played with cards that can be traded by the players.

In fact Magic the Gathering was the first modern trading card game, starting back in 1993.

In Magic the Gathering you duel other players using creatures, spells, weapons and many more that are represented by cards. All of this belongs to the Multiverse and you are a Planeswalker dueling others for supremacy.
The Multiverse is composed by various worlds called Planes, and a Planeswalker is a powerful being that can travel between those Planes.

Your power allows you to summon creatures from distant worlds, using powerful sorceries and weapons and many more to defeat your opponents.

There's no limits, you get to chose the cards you want to play the game the way you want.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why I like magic the gathering??

Probably many people that don't play mtg make that question in their heads. Why does he like that game??

I like Magic the Gathering for various reasons:

->It's a fun game to play;

->It's also very complex, with infinity possibilities, so there is always something new waiting to happen;

->It must be played with more than one player. I find this very important because one of the best parts of playing Magic the Gathering is the atmosphere of friendship that is created in every game;

->It never gets old and is in constant mutation because every few months a new expansion of cards is released;

I admit that my opinion is not the most impartial in this theme but I strongly recommend you to give it a try. You don't even have to start spending money on cards right away.

A very simple way to see how the game works is going to a Friday Night Magic, these are weekly events that exist in almost every part of the world and are (in most cases) very beginner friendly.
If you just want to see the game being played go to one of these (no need to take cards or anything like that) and see the other peoples playing it, talk to them and see you it's worth buying some cards to start playing.

Of course that if you have some friends that already play mtg and have cards it gets even easier, just ask them to let you try it some times and explain to you the basic rules. Then, if you like, starting saving some bucks and start your own collection of Magic cards.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here, I will try to answer the best I can to all of them.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Let's get started

In this blog the main them is Magic the Gathering.

My first contact with mtg was in 9º grade when some friends of my class introduce me to this great game. Back then I don't owned any cards so I always played with a borrowed deck.

I spent a lot of time without playing mtg until recently I decided to bought some cards. My first purchase was a Deck Builder's Toolkit, after that I bought a New Phyrexia Fat Pack.

I only play casually with my friends but we are thinking of starting to go to the Friday Night Magic in our city to meet more magic players and get into the community.

Now about the blog itself. I'm gonna try to update it with interesting things 2/3 times a week, depending on the free time I have so stay tuned.