Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Basics Part 1

Before I get more into explaining magic the gathering I want to post some things that I miss when introduction the game.

I started by telling right away how the game started and how it work without first telling the "background". I think this was a mistake because the people that never even heard about mtg will be missing some things.

Because of this I decide to delete the previous post and start from the beginning.

Magic The Gathering is a trading card game. What does this means? It means that is a game played with cards that can be traded by the players.

In fact Magic the Gathering was the first modern trading card game, starting back in 1993.

In Magic the Gathering you duel other players using creatures, spells, weapons and many more that are represented by cards. All of this belongs to the Multiverse and you are a Planeswalker dueling others for supremacy.
The Multiverse is composed by various worlds called Planes, and a Planeswalker is a powerful being that can travel between those Planes.

Your power allows you to summon creatures from distant worlds, using powerful sorceries and weapons and many more to defeat your opponents.

There's no limits, you get to chose the cards you want to play the game the way you want.

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