Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Basics Part 2

In this post I going to explain to you how the mana works, to what is used for and why is so important in Magic the Gathering.

Mana is the energy that you use to cast spells, summon creatures and everything else you do in magic.
Because of this mana is the most important thing in this game, you can have very powerful creatures and spells but if you don't have sufficient mana to use them it doesn't help you in nothing.

There are five colors of mana in Magic the Gathering, they are white, blue, black, red and green. Each of them has a certain way of doing things.

White is the color of protection and order, it depends on armies of weaker creatures to get the job done.

Blue is the color of deception and illusion, blue uses the strengths of the enemy against them.

Black is the color of death, the goal is to win at all costs even if it means sacrificing your own creatures.

Red is the color of fury and chaos, just smash the opponent without thinking about how to do it.

Green is the color of nature and life, the bigger the creature the better.

You already know that mana is important and has five different colors but you also need to know how to get it. The most common way of getting mana is with land cards.
Lands are a type of card that creates mana when tapped (taping a card means turning it 90º). There are five basic lands one to each color of mana.

Island produces blue mana, Swamps produces black mana, Mountain produces red mana, Forest produces green mana and Plains produce white mana.
Besides the five basic lands there are lots of different lands that can do more things than just producing one mana.