Saturday, July 23, 2011

Let's get started

In this blog the main them is Magic the Gathering.

My first contact with mtg was in 9º grade when some friends of my class introduce me to this great game. Back then I don't owned any cards so I always played with a borrowed deck.

I spent a lot of time without playing mtg until recently I decided to bought some cards. My first purchase was a Deck Builder's Toolkit, after that I bought a New Phyrexia Fat Pack.

I only play casually with my friends but we are thinking of starting to go to the Friday Night Magic in our city to meet more magic players and get into the community.

Now about the blog itself. I'm gonna try to update it with interesting things 2/3 times a week, depending on the free time I have so stay tuned.


  1. Community meaning a bunch of people that play the game and get together to play, trade cards, etc

    Yes it exists and it's huge.

  2. good luck with the blog, Ernesto! Greetings to Portugal!

  3. Thanks dezmond, good luck to you too.