Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Basics Part 3

You already know somethings about magic the gathering, in this post I gonna explain the zones of the game and also the parts of a magic card.

There are 6 main zones in a magic the gathering game, they are:

-> The Library: In the beginning of the game your deck becomes your library. It stays face down to the side of the battlefield. You can't look at the cards in your library or change their order.

-> The Hand: The hand is the place that you put the cards you draw, each player can only see their own hand. The cards in your hand are the ones you can play in that moment.

-> The Battlefield: This is the zone where the battle happens. Every permanent card goes to the battlefield when it's played and stays there until something makes it go away. You can arrange your cards in the battlefield every way you want but your opponent must be able to see them all and tell when they are tapped.

-> The Graveyard: This is your discard pile. Your instant and sorceries go here after they resolve. Also every card that his discarded, destroyed, sacrificed, countered, or put there by an effect goes to the graveyard. Your creatures go to the graveyard if they take more damage than what they can withstand in a turn. Your graveyard is always face-up and everyone can look at your graveyard at any time.

-> The Stack: This is where your spells and abilities go when you play them. They stay there until they resolve. I gonna explain the stack better in another post.

-> The Exile: This is the out-of-game zone. Every card that is exiled goes to the exile zone and stays there until the end of the game unless the effect that put it there can bring her back. When a card is exiled it functions like if it never was in the game.

This was a brief explication of the various zones of a magic game and their purpose.
Now I gonna show you a magic card and explain the parts of a card.

Remember that not every card has all of this parts. Power and Toughness is only for creature cards for example.

Next post will be about the card types and the differences between them.


  1. thanks dude! i keep learning more and more from your posts. magic the gathering is awesome! :D

  2. I know very little about MTG, so thanks for this!

  3. Não percebes nada isto pah! xD

  4. Very usefull. Always had some interest on this game, maybe i'll start someday :P